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Protecting and sustaining our environment is a responsibility will all need to share. CK Treework ensure all measures of sustainable work practices on every job we do.















Tree removal

On all jobs, each tree is removed in the most safe and environmentally friendly way possible and take into consideration damage to surrounding areas and also ground contamination. We can also plant new trees giving advice on suitable replacements.


When trees are removed we reuse, recycle and repurpose as much waste as possible.



Biofuel is large part of our sustainable work practices and we use these in all our operating machinery.


These fuels extracted from plant-based renewable energy sources have lower carbon emissions resulting in fewer particulates, such as soot and other fine particles. This helps keep our work sites as clean and green as possible.


While also producing lower greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, Biofuel is another measure we take to protect our environment.


Expert advice

Not all landscapes have the same potential as each other and when you are in the everyday business of tree removal you get an expert eye for detail to enhance the environment you are in.


CK Treework can help develop plans for creating a freshly designed landscape by providing advice on the correct trees and shrubs that will suitable for your requirements.


Just ask our friendly and qualified staff on the next step to enhance your property’s full potential. 


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