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We recycle as much green waste as possible!

We convert our large amounts of organic material left from felling and pruning into high quality by-products for your home and garden. Our garden mulch and firewood is available for delivery in the greater Waikato.



We have a constant stock of firewood on hand for delivery when required. We can also arrange a regular drop off so you never run out.

Wood Splitting

Our experienced team can make light work of splitting wood with our specialised wood splitter, if you have large pieces of wood that are too big to handle let our team come on site and produce fire ready size pieces. 


Our organic mulch will provide endless benefits to your garden, trees and landscape. Mulch helps retain moisture, improve soil structure, moderates soil temperature and aids in weed management meaning less weeding for you! 


Please note: Charges will apply for large quantities, significant delivery distances and urgent requests.

Fire Wood and Mulch

Firewood & Mulch

Firewood & Mulch delivery

Recycle green waste

Recycle all your green waste

Wood Splitter2

Wood Splitter

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